Our record for the year…so far so good!

The love for fishing will bring you to all corners of the country.  Every day you launch out on a lake or river, you come back with more than a few fillets to cook up for lunch; stories.  Stories for your buddies, your kids, coffee break, hockey room, your grandkids. We call them “bragging rights” and every seasoned angler will have one fish that does just that.

Here’s one reason for bragging that will never be forgotten. Whether you pull it out of the water, or you’re the one sitting in the boat watching…it’s a great moment.

 Only another month or so of fishing left to beat this record. Call me, try it, I dare you.

lunker pike caught in McLeister lake July 31st, 2010.

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  1. Caught a lunker at wanzitika July 5th 48.5 inches by 22 girth, 45 minute fight on a 5.5 ultralight ugly stick fish of a life Time!!!!!! need to know how to post the pic!!!! Any help?

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