Update On The 2020 Season ~ how the pandemic affects your trip 
may 20, 2020 – update – US and Canadian borders closed until June 21, 2020.

Still no date for re-opening business to residents as well. Hoping for update by June 9th as it will mark the 2 weeks of phase 1. Fingers crossed.

We have been anxiously awaiting some news as to when we would be able to open our doors. As of today, we have no indication of what date we can plan for. We are getting ready for you as we always do at this time. The lakes are still frozen and snow covered. End of May is approaching and we are facing another late spring for sure. For those of you booked between May 16th and May 30th we will not be able to accommodate your trips. Emergency order, travel restrictions and non-essential business status will keep us closed for those dates for sure. All of the bookings beyond May 30th are still a possibility until we get a firm date for whether we can open or not.
Our plan is to go week by week and update you with any information that will change our status (open/closed). For those of you who will have to cancel, we will gladly forward your booking into next year for the same dates with the same deposit you’ve already put down.
As soon as I have different information, I will communicate with you.

Our Promise to Keep you Safe

Carey Lake sunrise

We are working hard on creating strict guidelines to offer a safe environment for our valued guests. It will be a challenge for everyone in such remote areas but at the same time, what better way to get away from the chaos. Together, guests and staff, we can easily provide a clean and safe environment to enjoy our much deserved outdoor adventures. From zero contact payments, clean aircraft, cleanliness policies and disinfecting products we will make your health and safety a priority so you can focus on relaxing with your friends and family.

In the Meantime

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has called and emailed sending virtual hugs and support for our family and business. The threat of not seeing all of you this summer has been very difficult and only reinforces the reality that you are all an important part of our lives and you are all appreciated beyond words.
Georges has been very well. He is finding many projects to work on at the cottage, the house, in the garage and mostly the girlfriend…all keeping him smiling, busy, healthy and happy.
Michael has just started his new Job with the Ministry of Natural Resources and has already had beautiful flights with the Majestic CL415 Water Bomber. We are all very happy for his new adventures in forest fire fighting.
Yves and Marc, our aircraft Mechanics, have been working hard all winter giving tender love and care to each airplane to continue offering you safe flights in our beautiful birds.
And finally, Melanie….me….I just celebrated my son’s 16th birthday. Most of you have been with us since before my kids… heck since I WAS a kid myself LOL . I’ve had more time to reflect on time, friends, family and guests. I’m used to being isolated in the winter but I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on the dock as the sun rises, feeling your positive vacation energy, sharing smiles and catching up on our year. My biggest challenge today is dealing with having to tell some of you that you will not have your trip this year. I pray that those calls are over soon. It’s breaking my heart. I’m also working on how I can give you big hugs when you walk in the office…maybe a Mel doll with a plaid shirt and big floppy arms I can control from my side of the desk?? Too weird?? I think not! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ontario Fly In Fishing Outpost

Hearst Air Service offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities that will satisfy a beginner angler to a seasoned pro.  We welcome you to come fishing at one of our remote Ontario fishing outposts that are accessible only be air.  You can Drive, train, or fly to our air base on Carey Lake in Hearst Ontario and from there we will fly you to a wilderness outpost cabin on some of the most pristine lakes Northern Ontario has to offer. Our Ontario fly in outpost camps are positioned on lakes filled with Northern Pike, Trophy Walleye, and Perch. Each lake has its own unique characteristics that are sure to amaze!

Ontario Fly in Fishing Trips for All

Hearst Air Service offers Ontario fly in fishing trips for families, groups, couples, and corporate groups on Northern Ontario’s untouched lakes.  Anglers have the option to go Ontario walleye fishing or northern pike fishing on one of our remote fly in fishing outposts. Remote Fly in fishing only access guarantees you’ll be immersed in the natural wonders & tranquility that Northern Ontario’s deep wilderness has to offer.  This is one of the best ways to escape the daily grind at home and to get away from it all for a spell.  Ontario is a land filled with bountiful wilderness and pristine lakes that are fed by the life blood of Northern Ontario’s vast Arctic Watershed. Our fly in fishing outposts are accessible by float plane only.  All flights to our fishing outposts depart from our air base on Carey Lake in Hearst Ontario.

Outpost Camps

Hearst Air Service offers a variety of Outpost Camps depending on budget, and the experience you are looking for.

See our outpost camps

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See our photo gallery for images of our cabins, and to see what we're all about before you plan your trip!

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