Martison Lake Outpost Camp

Martison Lake Outpost Camp

Distance from base: 59 miles
Lake Size: 7 x 2 miles
Average Depth: 
Sleeps: 4-6
Northern Pike , Walleye
Unique Feature: Two feeder creeks and trail to another lake

Martison Lake is a top performer in the spring! This lake is for those in search for trophy pike and good walleye fishing. This lake is shallow and is different from the other lakes only because you will need to challenge your tackle box and skills to find the right method for these hungry fish. Once you learn it’s secret, it will satisfy your need to catch the monsters and enjoy what northern fishing is all about. Great choice for spring and fall trips.

The cabin is equipped with propane fridge, stove with an oven, pots and pans and all eating and cooking utensils. There are lanterns for light and a wood stove for heat. These camps are rustic but very comfortable and offer you a true wilderness experience without missing out on the necessities.

Trolling across Martison’s main-lake points in about five feet of water has proven very effective. Moving baits up onto the bar, then off the other side, will result in aggressive strikes on almost every pass. Where two points came together and the narrows, walleyes are generally caught on the downwind side, in the lee of the points or right in the channel itself. Where sparse weedbeds were found, ripping a crankbait or jig right through the weeds will prompt solids strikes from both walleyes and pike.

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