Planning Your Trip

  1. Choose date and location
  2. Secure date with deposit
  3. Book your hotel rooms for the night before your flight where needed
  4. Read through packing list and preparation info
  5. Have a planning meeting with group, explore many great resources online about light weight equipment and menu planning.
  6. Prepare the payment for the balance of your trip ahead of time
  7. Drive up, fly in and enjoy 🙂


  • Dates are confirmed when deposit is received
  • Deposits are required for every person in the group
  • Deposits are payable by personal check, e-transfer or credit card
  • Deposits are non-refundable for SUTTON, PYM, NAPKEN and MOOSE HUNTS. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Deposits are not transferable unless you have the same number of people originally booked.
  • cancelation policy, minimum 12 weeks prior to trip, 75% of your deposit is refundable. 11-10 wks notice 50% credit, 9-8 wks notice 25% credit less than 8 weeks prior to trip no credit/no refund/no transfer


  • Packing list is to help with the necessities; weight requirements are strict, if you require more gear, feel free to do so and you will pay only for the extra flying needed to bring the extra gear.
  • Have a planning meeting with group. Plan menu, group gear and personal items. This is a great time to list all your questions and send 1 email to Mel only after you have all ready through provided information and packing list. Make sure every member of the group is cc’d so everyone gets the same information.
  • Bait is available to purchase in town, call to have your order prepared at 705-362-4828.
  • Fishing licences are available online or selected licence issuers or ServiceOntario centres across the province. You can also call the outdoor card center to update your information, renew your cards or indicate you’ve lost your card. 1 800-387-7011
  • US/Canada Border crossing. It’s important to review rules on DUIs, children with a different last name, records and medical issues.

 US State Department:

Canada Border Services Agency:


  • Balance should be paid prior to your arrival to save time the morning of your flight.
  • credit card
  • etransfer / ACH payment for US payments
  • certified check
  • cash (in the exact amount of the invoice, no change the morning of the flight)


  • We are located 17 miles west of Hearst on Highway 11, approximately 20 minute DIRECTIONS
  • Office opens at 6:30 AM and planes are scheduled for first departure at 7 AM. Unless the office has called you and specified a time for your group’s departure, all groups are to be at the base for 6:30 AM.
  • You may leave you vehicles at the base and leave a key in the office if you wish to do


  • 100 lbs of gear per person, based on a body weight up to 220 lbs
  • If you are staying a full 7 days, you will get a midweek check flight with 100 lbs allowed for free. This gives you the opportunity to leave some beer, water or “freezer” food aside for
  • Hillmer, Wanzatika, Mcleister, Martison, Sunshine overloads are $0.65/lb additional to the 100 lbs/person
  • Quantz, Napken, Pym Island a full charter rate ($1600 – $2800) will be applied to the flying required to bring in your extra
  • Sutton River, full charter rate for extra flight if needed for any weight over 320 lbs per person (body and gear) $6000 – $8800/flight


  • Be aware of fishing/hunting regulations, licences required and follow all limits.
  • Keep the camps clean. Empty the fridge/freezer, clean the stove top/oven, mop the floor and pick up garbage around the camp and inside. A little goes a long way. Just as you appreciate coming into a clean camp, others appreciate you leaving it the same way.
  • Boats need to be cleaned out of garbage and weeds, and pulled in to shore with motors properly
  • No writing on the walls of the camps. If you wish to leave a little something from your trip, please bring something to write on and leave on the wall OR write in the provided guest
  • Please be conscious of how you pack your food and other items to create the LEAST garbage possible. Remove all packaging before you leave home to not have it as garbage at camp, bring food in containers that can be reused for your return packing. If there are no fire bans, you will be able to burn all the paper waste. IMPORTANT – CLEAR MEDIUM SIZED GARBAGE BAGS ONLY. ALL GARBAGE WILL BE FLOWN OUT FOR RECYCLING WHAT CAN BE SENT TO RECYCLING. There are great resources online for tips on minimalist packing.