Planning Your Trip

Preparing for a Fly-in trip can get a little tricky. What to bring? what’s already there? how will I make sure I make my weight limit?? many questions for everyone in the group. But that’s ok! We’ve tried to provide information for pretty much everything you need to know. If you still have questions or concerns, please call us anytime. We will be glad to help you get ready to ensure the best trip possible.

You should be able to plan your menu, prepare clothing and tackle, find out travel information and more.


The aircrafts are designed for safe flight. That includes limitations on what each aircraft can carry. If we’ve asked you to be specific to an amount, it is for your safety and the safety of our pilots and aircraft.  There is a scale on the dock and ALL GEAR IS WEIGHED prior to loading the planes. 

The usual weight limits is 100 lbs per person . Extra weight is subject to a surcharge of $0.45/lb for HILLMER, WANZATIKA, MCLEISTER, SUNSHINE LAKES ONLY. All Other locations are subject to a full charter flight to that particular lake if needed for overloads.

This includes your clothes, personal gear, food, tackle and all other equipment you choose to bring.



Planning the food for your trip is important.  You must consider tastes, allergies and other preferences. Get together with your group and talk it out. Plan for 2 extra meals incase you get weathered in on your day out (rarely occurs but is always possible).  I would suggest to send only one person to buy the food for everyone. This can avoid duplicates. or split the grocery list and have everyone be responsible for certain items.

– Avoid full size  condiments, glass containers and jars. Use plastic containers.

– powdered juices, gravies/sauces

– canned bear ONLY – no bottled beer




The town of Hearst has several options for accommodations for the night prior to your flight. Since most of you will be driving the day before therefore a clean comfortable establishment is appreciated before a week roughing it.

To help in the preparations the Villa Motel has offerred extra services that can make your trip easier.

Contact the Villa Motel or toll free at 1-888-838-6129. Don’t forget to mention HEARST AIR for your fisherman’s package privileges.

– shower before heading home ($40 for 4 people)