MNRF Fishing Regulations

Here is the link to the regulations in Zone 3.



Canada Customs



Dangerous Goods on Aircraft

Here is a list of dangerous goods that need to be identified before loading the aircraft.

  1. Bear Spray– Bear spray cans need to be in separate containers for transportation, therefore please leave them out of your luggage and we will ask for them on the dock. VERY IMPORTANT
  2. Lithium ion batteries– found in laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices. If you bring additional batteries, they should be in their original packaging to avoid any impact with other objects.
  3. Propane, camp fuel, naphta or kerosene. If any of these supplies are needed, quantities, packaging and identifications need t0 be confirmed and recorded for our aircraft manifests.
  4. Fireworks– Make sure you declare.
  5. Engines, generators– Need to be emptied of fuel for transportation.
  6. Cartridges and/or flares– Need to identify quantities and packaging for transportation.

There are other items and supplies that are considered dangerous goods, you are allowed to bring them we simply need to have identification and packaging recorded in our documents.