Canadian DIY Hunters

Hearst offers great moose hunting and Hearst Air offers the best way to get you there.  Imagine getting to the best moose territory and having the opportunity to be the only people hunting that location.  Ontario residents have the opportunity to apply for Moose Validation Tags for their group.  We service WMU 23,24,25,17,1D,21B and 18B.  If you have a look at a map of the area and call in, we can review the areas that would best suit your group, and help you get started to your fly-in moose hunt. You may choose from a wide variety of lakes and rivers for your next hunting spot.  Different areas have different seasons therefore you may also choose and early September hunt, or a later time in October.  For weather reasons we typically end our season October 20th.  Weather is always the last determining factor on how late we can fly on floats.

Successful moose hunt for Ontario Residents in WMU 23.

If this is the hunt for you, first step is choosing your location.  The Ministry’s Hunting Regulations will help in getting started with party hunt applications for tags. Then you can call us to discuss a lake that interests you or suggestions from Georges for your hunt.  Once the lake and dates are chosen, the deposit required is $400/hunter to lock in your choices.

None of these locations are hunted more than once per year.

We supply – flight in and out, checkflight, 1 extra flight for moose flown out, canoe tie on fee, remote location

You supply –  tags, tent camp, camp equipment, canoe/mot/gas, hunting and personal gear and food

Peaking through the brush.

Call for more information and to get your trip started. 1-866-844-5700

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