Ontario Moose Hunting

Welcome to The Moose Capital of Canada.

Moose hunting in the remote parts of Northern Ontario allows you to truly be in the animal’s territory in its entirety.  To have the ability to stalk, call, track, and kill such a magnificent animal is quite an experience. These areas are unattainable through roads, rail, or any other man-made ways.  You have the advantage of being in locations where moose have no fear of regular traffic. Most of our camps/lakes are only hunted once per year. A great way to make sure there are no other distractions before or after your hunt.

ontario moose hunting

 Maltese lake Success

The territory is divided into Wildlife Management Units (WMU). Hearst Air is allocated a predetermined amount of validation tags/seals per WMU for distribution among our hunting parties. The validation tag /seal determines the sex of the moose you will be allowed to shoot.

There are different hunting opportunities as far as logistics and accommodations.

Ontario Resident Hunters may choose a DIY hunt. Bring your own gear, tent, canoe, and apply for your own tags. We will fly you into a remote location where only you and your group will have the opportunity to hunt during the season. This allows you to explore a map and find the perfect location for you. Lakes or rivers, as long as we’ve got water to land the plane, we’re in.


Full Package Hunts for both residents and non-residents are available for those needing full accommodations and tags.  Hunt a lake which hosts one outpost camp or stay in one of our canvas tent camps where once again, you and your group will have the opportunity to be the only hunters on the lake and the only hunters during the season. This hunt will include accommodations, boat/mot/gas or canoe, validation tag , and all the flying necessary to get you in and out with your moose after a successful hunt.

Outpost Cabin

Validation tags provided depend on the allocation for the season. The number and sex of the tags are confirmed with you at the time of your booking. The Ontario Government has been reducing the number of outfitter tags drastically. We are adapting to continue with group hunts and ensuring we limit the hunters on each lake to help in keeping our moose population healthy.

FULL PACKAGE HUNT Includes cabin, boat/mot/gas, tags, flights in/out, checkflight and 1 extra flight for moose out. You provide your food, equipment, hunting licences, hunting gear, lifejackets, sleeping bags, personal items.
$5500/person (based on a group of 4 people)  
ONTARIO RESIDENT DIY HUNT For sites up to 60 Miles away from air base You provide tags, all gear, tent, canoe/raft, hunting equipment
  Includes flight in/out, checkflight/moose out  

2024 Fully Booked

2025 rates will be confirmed in  November of 2024

All sites only hunted once a year  

2 person group $1800/person

3 person group $1200/person

4 person group $1500/person

5 person group $1200/person

6 person group $1000/person

 important – These prices are based on locations up to 60 Miles away from air base.

All flights further than 60 miles are subject to additional mileage rates. No exceptions.




Here is one example of calculating your costs according to the distance of where you will hunt: WMU 1D is 100 miles away from our air base minimum. 

100 miles x 2 = 200 miles / flight x $14.27/mile = $2854/flight

1 flight in + 1 flight out = 2 flights. 2 x 2854 = $5708.00 plus taxes

1 flight could fit 2 – 4 hunters and minimal gear then return with 1 flight if moose is deboned properly. If you need more gear then you pay for an additional fight. 



Early Season

opens approx. SEPTEMBER 14th

Rifles, shotguns, Muzzle-loader, bows

Later Season

opens approx. OCTOBER 12th

Rifles, shotguns, Muzzle-loader, bows

WMU DIY Hunt Full Package Hunt WMU DIY Hunt Full Package Hunt

Albany Forks

Comb Island
Attawapiskat River

  24 Missinaibi River
Fryatt Lake
Bull Moose Bay
17 Little Current River Quantz       
25 Trilsbeck
Missinaibi River
Missinaibi River