Starting the new year with dreams of a Trophy Catch!

It’s that time of year again.  Time for resolutions, thinking about what we’ve done in the past year and thinking about what we didn’t get to do in the past year.  Our lives are busy, our lives go by fast and we can’t keep putting our dreams aside.
How many times have you thoughts of taking a trip with the guys?  Wouldn’t you like to take that father and son trip you know he’ll remember for the rest of his life? Well it’s time. It’s time to give us a call and book a wilderness vacation with Hearst Air Service and join those who take the time for fun and unforgettable experiences.
There are many options for you.  All of Hearst Air’s trips are into remote fly-in lakes only. These lakes are host to one cabin only and it’s all yours for the duration of your stay.  The fishing is fantastic, the hunting is successful, the canoeing is gratifying.  Have a look at what we have to offer.  Whatever type of vacation you are looking for, just ask and we will work hard to get you into the best fisheries Northern Ontario has to offer.
another trophy catch

another trophy catch

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