What a weekend!  The fishing is great and the weather is amazing! We really shouldn’t be complaining, although some don’t know how to take this heat.  We had record temperatures and expecting more all week. 35-40 degrees Celsius…that translates into 85-90’s for all you “farenheit-ers”. It’s HOT!!! The black flies are out FULL FORCE…we’re hoping this hot weather will kill them off a little quicker than usual. Positive thinking on my part I guess.

I’ve had reports from the lakes and the fishing is great. We were wondering how the fish would be responding to such an early spring, but it seems they are doing just fine.  I wish I had a picture to post from the first week, but I don’t have any yet. I will definitely be posting as soon as I receive some from the first groups.

I hope this note finds you all in great spirits after a fantastic Memorial weekend.


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