Preparation Info

IMPORTANT – Please take a moment to read through the information provided. This will help you get prepared, answer all your questions, and allow you to be ready for the best trip possible.

read below for:

packing list

payment methods

whats at camp

weight limits


  • Deposits are required for every person in the group to secure booking
  • Deposits are payable by personal check, e-transfer, or credit card (no surcharge on the credit card for deposits)
  • Deposits are non-refundable for QUANTZ, NAPKEN, SUTTON, PYM, and MOOSE HUNTS. No exceptions.
  • Deposits are not transferable unless you have the same number of people originally booked. (EXAMPLE – the 4th member of a group of 4 cancels and finds a replacement, that new 4th may use the deposit with a call or email from the original group member transferring his deposit.)


75% of your deposit is refundable on applicable trips if advised With a minimum of 12 weeks. Within 12 weeks from your trip partial credits are available, please see your invoice for details.

Deposits are non-refundable for QUANTZ, NAPKEN, SUTTON, PYM, and MOOSE HUNTS. No exceptions.

CANCELLATIONS – $80 cancellation fee for the group


Final payments are due 1 week prior to your trip. (All trips other than Sutton river and moose hunts)

Sutton river and Moose Hunts – 50% of your balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. Final payments are due 1 week prior to your arrival.

  • E-transfers note your name, booking name and date.
  • Credit Card (4% administration charge)
  • Certified check
  • Cash in the amount on the invoice please. Example: balance due $724.60, bring $724.60 in cash. We will not be dealing with change and questions on final payments on the morning of your flight. Thank you in advance for being prepared.


The Villa Inn  705-362-4331 ~ newly renovated. Request the fisherman’s package or let them know you are a guest of Hearst Air’s

The Companion Hotel/Motel or call 1-888-468-9888. Restaurant and bar on site.

Typer’s Bait and Tackle 705-362-4828 – Bait can only be purchased from the area you are fishing. Invasive species are a serious problem, and our Conservation Officers will be checking to ensure all bait is legal and from the proper Zone. Any questions about this can be directed to the bait shop.

The Beer store hours in Hearst

Wednesday, 10 am —6 pm

Thursday, 10 am —6 pm

Friday, 10 am —8 pm

Saturday, 10 am —6 pm.

The Independent Grocers – Brian’s Independent store hours in Hearst – Great selection of food, wines, meat. You can also place online orders to have prepared in advance.

Thursday 8a.m.–9p.m.
Friday 8a.m.–9p.m.
Saturday 8a.m.–6p.m.
Sunday 8a.m.–6p.m.
Monday 8a.m.–8p.m.
Tuesday 8a.m.–8p.m.
Wednesday 8a.m.–8p.m.

Fresh Off the Block – Quality foods and fresh meat butcher. Custom orders can be made with him for vacuum sealed meat boxes. 1-705-362-4517


Packing list is to help with the necessities; weight requirements for airplanes are strict, if you require more gear, feel free to do so. Extra weight will be subject to additional flight charges.

Have a planning meeting with group. Plan your menu, group gear and personal items.

Fishing licences are available online or selected licence issuers or ServiceOntario centres across the province. You can also call the outdoor card center to update your information, renew your cards or indicate you’ve lost your card. 1 800-387-7011

It is very important that you get your licence information purchased or renewed a month before your trip in case their system has issues getting your licence processed.


For planning purposes, we allow 100 lbs per person calculated for a person of 220 lbs (body weight) YES – this includes food, water, gear, beer…. everything.

Remember that if we needed an extra flight to bring your gear in, there will be another flight to bring your gear out. It the overload is for beer and food, then usually it’s not a problem as you’ll have it all consumed. However, if the overload is extra gear, then be prepared to pay to fly it in AND out.

IMPORTANT – Overloads will not be charged per pound. You will be charged for the extra flying needed.

(Rates for charters calculated 2024, rates will fluctuate with fuel prices)

Hillmer, Wanzatika, Mcleister, Martison, Sunshine          $1200/extra flight

Quantz                                                                                   $2200/extra flight

Napken                                                                                  $3000/extra flight

Sutton River no overloads accepted. Chartered flight to Hawley Lake is approx. $11,500.00 and must be scheduled in advance.

US/Canada Border crossing

It’s important to review rules on what you can and cannot bring across the border such as foods, meats, … Information on past DUIs, children with a different last name, records and medical issues.

 US State Department:

Canada Border Services Agency:


We are located 17 miles west of Hearst on Highway 11.


Office opens at 6:30 AM and planes are scheduled for first departure at 7AM. We will communicate a time for you to arrive at the air base. This will give you enough time to unload and weigh your people and gear to prepare for flight. If you have not received a specific time, please call in.

You may leave you vehicles at the base and leave your keys in the office if you wish to do so.

YOUR RESPONSABILITIES – other than having a great time and relaxing…of course ????

Be aware of fishing/hunting regulations, licences required and follow all limits. If you keep a fish, you kill it. Keeping fish in a live well and exchanging them through the day is not good practice. Fish that are in the freezer and left over in the refrigerator also count for your possession limit.

We would appreciate that you do not write on our walls. If you wish to leave a little something from your trip, please bring something to write on and leave on the wall OR write in the provided guest books. Everyone loves reading a good story.

Firewood is essential for heat in the cabin. We ask that you do not burn the firewood in an outdoor fire. Use any other dead trees, branches, sticks and old logs you can find. We work very hard to get this wood ready for those who need a fire in the cabin. Please respect our staff and other guests and do not waste firewood outside.

Fire-bans are important to avoid forest fires and risk to the camps. If the signs are up, DO NOT make an outdoor fire. If there are no fire bans, you will be able to burn all the paper waste.

Please be conscious of how you pack your food and other items to create the least garbage possible.

Bring a water filter to avoid bringing drinking water. If you bring drinking water, bring large jugs to refill your personal refillable water bottles. Please refrain from bringing cases of individual bottles as they produce a terrible amount of plastic waste.

Also consider bringing minimal refrigerated food. The propane fridges work well, but they can be finicky when overfilled or in extreme heat. When we have large parties, the door gets opened and closed many times which will eventually shut off the fridge as it works too hard to keep things cold.

You can remove all packaging before you leave home to not have it as garbage at camp, bring food in containers that can be reused for your return packing.

Be respectful of our equipment and motors please. Pilot will go over a few simple steps for tilting motors properly, safe starts, proper operation…when everyone does their part, the motors run very well for everyone.

No drinking and driving, safe operation of boats, no boating in extreme winds and avoid standing on the seats.

Fish guts are to be dumped at opposite shores from the cabin or dumped in the middle of the lake. Not off the dock and not behind the cabin. Black bears love fish and bacon grease dumped off the porch too……be aware.


Everyone appreciated a clean camp. Empty the fridge/freezer, clean the stove top/oven, mop the floor, and pick up garbage around the camp and inside. A little goes a long way. Just as you appreciate coming into a clean camp, others appreciate you leaving it the same way. Leave nothing in the cabin, if you bring it, take it home.

Boats need to be cleaned out of garbage and weeds and pulled in to shore with motors properly tilted. When the motors aren’t tilted, the foot drags and hits the bottom of the shore and damages the motors. PLEASE Tilt the motors.


The camps are equipped with:

  • BBQ
  • Propane outdoor fish fryer (bring your oil, and return home with your oil, please no dumping)
  • Pots & pans
  • eating & cooking utensils
  • dishes (plates, bowls, glasses)
  • coffee pot
  • large cast iron frying pans
  • juice jugs
  • mixing bowls
  • dish tray for drying
  • Strainer
  • can opener
  • propane stove with 4 elements and an oven
  • refrigerator with a small freezer (big enough for freezing fish)
  • ice trays
  • wood stove for heating and split firewood for wood stove.
  • Lanterns for light, mantles and fuel/propane included
  • Large white pails for carrying water from the lake
  • Floor cleaner supplied with mop and bucket
  • Boats
  • safety kits
  • bailer
  • 2 paddles per boat
  • Boat seats with back rests. Boat seats are simply clamped on, they can be removed easily if you choose to use a simple seat cushion, or you aren’t comfortable.


Best packing containers are taped and marked boxes or medium sized marked square totes.

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • cooking oil (in a container safe to return with your used oil)
  • wash rags and small dish soap (in case camp has run out)
  • water purifier/tablets
  • sleeping bag / pillow (inflatables don’t take up much room)
  • clothing (2 medium sized duffel bags are much better than 1 XL hockey bag please)
  • 1 good rain suit
  • camp slippers/sandals
  • mosquito coils, repellent, hanging netting for over the beds help too
  • life jackets
  • fishing gear (2-piece rods are better, remove all reels and hooks, tackle box and tools
  • fishing net
  • toilet paper and paper towel
  • toiletries
  • dish cloth and personal towels
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • Bluetooth speaker / radio
  • medication / first aid kits (aspirin, Benadryl, alcohol and prescription medications.)
  • garbage bags – quality medium sized
  • communications – sat phone or sat messaging device is available for rent but is well worth the cost if you are an avid outdoors person. Garmin InReach is what we use for the aircraft tracking and communication. Many people are also getting the ZOLEO. They are inexpensive and you can buy into monthly packages rather than a yearly subscription. Pairs with your smart phone.
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  • _________________________________________________________________

Use your home bathroom scale to weigh your personal duffel bag, tackle box, backpack… you should consider that your gear should be approx. 60 lbs and the other 40 lb would be your portion of food and beverage…. depending on how much beverage you are planning of course.

Important – consider travel insurance for higher cost trips. If your equipment is of value to you, list it on the contents of your home insurance in case of a loss (loss, fire, theft…) Emergency medical flights are sometimes necessary and unplanned.  These extra flights can usually be reimbursed to you with travel insurance packages when arranged in advance.

FISHING REGULATIONS   Please read for details on sizes and other important regs.

Zone 8 – Hillmer, Wanzatika, McLeister Martison

Zone 3 – Quantz, Napken Sunshine

Conservation Licence

2 walleyes, 2 pike in possession, no big fish

Regular Sportfishing Licence

4 walleyes (only 1 of the 4 over 18″)

6 pike (2 of 6 over 24”, only 1 of the 2 over 34”)

Fish in the fridge, freezer and stringer are part of your possession limit.

Leave skin on your filets to identify them and lay them flat and individual for freezing. You can get charged if you have a zip lock full of frozen fillets that can’t be identified for quantity and size.

Be prepared with the necessary equipment to safely release large fish.