Fully Guided Trophy Pike and Walleye Fishing on The Attawapiskat River

47″ Trophy Pike from Attawapiskat River


Pym Island

In recent years the Attawapiskat River has gained legendary status as the number one destination in Ontario for trophy northern pike and walleye, and for good reason. The numbers of gargantuan gators over 40” and walleye exceeding 30” and 10lb’s will astound you. Our camp on Pym Island lies in the very heart of this fabled fishery and offers the adventurous angler many kilometers of river to explore both upstream and down. The area around Pym is rife with braided channels, backwater sloughs, inflowing feeder creeks and numerous small islands all of which are perfect habitat for large predatory pike. Seemingly every current break teems with oversized walleye and at times the fishing is almost too easy.

The cabin at Pym is a gorgeous 3 bedroom log structure equipped with a kitchen, barbecue, woodstove, generator, deck with a stunning view, and most important a shower house with hot and cold running water. A true luxury and a welcome touch after a long day in the boat.

Guests at Pym will also be afforded the comfort of native guides on site to help, assist, and guide you to the best fishing waters. These natives were born and raised on the river and their knowledge and experience is unmatched.

Boats are traditional 20’ James Bay freighter canoes powered by 15 horse motors. Wide bottomed incredibly stable and roomy, they’re ideally suited to navigating these far northern waters and are a joy to fish out of.

A trip to Pym Island is far more than just a fishing trip, it’s a true adventure. The haunting beauty of the river, the numbers of trophy fish and the sheer remoteness all combine to make this an experience you’ll not soon forget!


Canada Camp

A new and exciting development for our guests is Canada Camp, located approximately 40 kilometers downstream from our existing camp at Pym. Canada Camp now opens untold kilometers of previously unfished and unexplored waters. The camp itself is located in a prime spot, set back from the river on a high bluff right next a substantial inflowing river. The river, easily navigated upstream terminates at a small narrow lake that teems with fish.  Both upstream and down from camp you’ll find numerous inflowing creeks as well as island clusters that break the current providing prime habitat for trophy fish. Our very first group into Canada Camp in 2013 caught incredible numbers of large pike between 40 and 46 inches and several walleye exceeding 10lb’s, testament to just how amazing this new water really is.

Much like Pym the cabin at Canada Camp is 3 bedroom log structure with all of the same amenities. Most notable is the deck out front. Sitting so high up from the water it offers a glorious view of the river and surrounding countryside.

Like Pym boats are stable and comfortable 20’ James Bay freighters powered by 15 horse outboards. Easily the finest craft available for exploring these northern rivers.

If you have a true spirit of adventure and are intrigued at the prospect of fishing brand new water on the Attawapiskat, give us a call and let’s talk!


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Hearst Air Service, in co-operation with Attawaspiskat & Albany River Outdoor Adventures is pleased to offer a spectacular far-north fishing adventure to the remote Attawapiskat River / Pym Island outpost where trophy northern pike and walleyes abound. This is the fishing trip of a lifetime !



Ontario Fisherman Bill Rivers writes;The Attawapiskat River is well known among serious pike fishermen across North America. Its waters flow more than halfway across Northern Ontario to Hudson Bay and the river is home to both trophy pike and walleye – a combination rarely found elsewhere.The river offers all types of waters. Choose from calm bays or fast flowing rapids. Calm pools located throughout the river hold numerous walleyes 5 lb& up. There are many tributaries flowing into the Attawapiskat River that also provide great fishing. A fishing trip on the Attawapiskat river will amaze even the most discriminating anglers and make them long for more.Your guide to Pym Island will thoroughly go over a map of the river, pointing out key spots, structure, depths and boating hazards so as to avoid accidents and / or damage to equipment. He’s there to lead you to “the best fishing the river has to offer. “Pym Island is the ultimate trophy pike and trophy walleye fishing opportunity !