New taxes for Canadians and Visitors

Great timing!!! It seems the government has chosen these times to make changes to our tax structure. It’s always scary for us to think of changes or more taxes, but in the long run, this will APPARENTLY be beneficial to all. I guess we’ll have to sit tight and see.

 Previously we had an 8% provincial PST and a 5% federal GST. Now they will Harmonize these two to create the 13% HST.

This means an increase in the taxes you will be on your trip with us, but an increase in the refund you will get from our government. They WILL refund 50% of the tax charged on the total invoice. This means a 6.5% tax refund instead of the previous partial refund of the 5% you paid on the trip.

We will have forms at the base we can help you with prior to your return. They are simple and straight forward. We are really hoping this will not change mid-season. We’ll keep you posted!

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