Getting Ready For a Great 2010 Tourism Season

 Ok, Ok I’ve slacked off on the blog posts.  I’ve dedicated my Wednesday nights to blogging and keeping you up to date on what’s going on with Hearst Air.

Georges and I have just returned from our 2010 Sportsman Show tour and things are looking up for 2010.  Being in Michigan, you can still feel the pressures from job losses and pay cuts but there is still that natural urge in every true fisherman ( or fisher-people for all of my female angler friends) to find the next fishing hole for their group of friends. I truly believe things are starting to look better and we greatly appreciate those who are still holding on to their yearly trip…regardless of how many people can come, we’ll take you all.

As our charter business is year round, we are presently nearing the end of the ski season with mining exploration camps.  The weather has been warm and the snow is disappearing. Thankfully the cold nights are keeping solid ice on the lakes for safe landings and servicing the last needs of the camps up north.  I’m now staring out at a heavy snowfall and white covered ground hoping for some clear skies to get up in  the air. But the snowfall is calming.

As my first post in 2010, I’ll wish you all a great day and I look forward to many updates in the near future. Thanks for reading!

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