Fly-in Fishing is Still Alive

It’s now the month of August and we find ourselves very busy with fishing trips, charters and canoe expeditions and looking where to get a new trolling motor battery.  We are so appreciative of all those who choose to visit our big backyard and allow Hearst Air to be part of their vacations.  In these tough economic times, it’s great to see that people are still into fishing and flying in to beautiful places.

The fisheries are truly confused this year with the weather the way it is.  We had a late, but great start to the walleye season….many said it was their best trip ever after flying in with us for 5-10 years now.  When the cold weather hit, the fishing was definitely not at it’s greatest but everyone still really enjoyed their time and had good fishing with the company they brought.  Many trophy pike were caught and I’m sure the fishing stories will live on forever.  Once our finned friends got used to the fact the cold and rain was sticking around, they got back to the business doing the thing they do best….giving people a trip of a lifetime. The walleye are biting viciously and the pike and big and abundant.  Again, we’ve heard some long time guests saying “It has to be the best week ever!”  It sure is great to hear when you know they have always had a great trip for so long.

So all in all, despite the rain, the wind and cold….the north is still proving itself to be a GREAT FLY-IN FISHING DESTINATION.

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