Creating Memories

It’s 7 AM, the planes are departing for their northern destinations filled with eager anglers and enough gear to supply a 2 week survival training course….even though they will only be fishing for 7 days. The scene puts a halt to my daily duties and I can’t help but sigh. It’s a beautiful day.

The groups flying in today are typical guests. One group from Ontario, one from Michigan….but they have one important thing in common. Both are made of friends and family who took the time out of very busy lives to greate memories in our big back yard. Another important fact? both have been coming with Hearst Air for over 10 years. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride to have been a part of their memories for that long. We’ve all become friends now, and we’ve scene the families grow.

Grandfathers with grandsons, fathers and sons, best friends, cousins….these are the people who create the best memories together. Remember catching your first fish? where were you? who was encouraging you to keep your rod up and reel ‘er in? You’ll never forget it and it’s so important to pass these stories along.

We would be proud to help you and yours make great memories as well…don’t hesitate to call and ask what type of trip we can offer you this summer.  Become a long time customer and a life long friend and create memories with Hearst Air that will follow you forever.


One of many

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