New taxes for Canadians and Visitors

Great timing!!! It seems the government has chosen these times to make changes to our tax structure. It’s always scary for us to think of changes or more taxes, but in the long run, this will APPARENTLY be beneficial to all. I guess we’ll have to sit tight and see.

 Previously we had an 8% provincial PST and a 5% federal GST. Now they will Harmonize these two to create the 13% HST.

This means an increase in the taxes you will be on your trip with us, but an increase in the refund you will get from our government. They WILL refund 50% of the tax charged on the total invoice. This means a 6.5% tax refund instead of the previous partial refund of the 5% you paid on the trip.

We will have forms at the base we can help you with prior to your return. They are simple and straight forward. We are really hoping this will not change mid-season. We’ll keep you posted!


The ice has finally left us. I guess we shouldn’t say FINALY as it’s a month early.  This weather sure is throwing us for a loop. So here we are on floats with plenty of time to get the camps ready and work on the camps for May 15th opening.

Getting the plane ready in the morning.

Still a little ice

April 5th and we’re looking at the last of the ice on Carey Lake. I’m estimating another 3 days myself, I guess we’ll see how good my guessing is next week.  The planes are being transferred to wheels and will continue working through the break up.

We’re really looking forward to getting the camps ready this year.  Solar panels have been used in fly in outposts for quite a while and we’re looking at getting a few systems in place for our own.  If all goes well, most of the camps will be serviced with Solar power by the end of the season. What’s next? saunas?? screen porches? hmmmm only time will tell.

I’m trying to think of the last time we had such an early season…I should have researched before posting, but it sure has been a long time.  The Ministry of Natural Resources is expecting a dry summer which means fire bans for everyone.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed so we can continue having outside fires and shore lunches.  They are such important parts of a fly in.

Next post…ICE GONE!

Getting Ready For a Great 2010 Tourism Season

 Ok, Ok I’ve slacked off on the blog posts.  I’ve dedicated my Wednesday nights to blogging and keeping you up to date on what’s going on with Hearst Air.

Georges and I have just returned from our 2010 Sportsman Show tour and things are looking up for 2010.  Being in Michigan, you can still feel the pressures from job losses and pay cuts but there is still that natural urge in every true fisherman ( or fisher-people for all of my female angler friends) to find the next fishing hole for their group of friends. I truly believe things are starting to look better and we greatly appreciate those who are still holding on to their yearly trip…regardless of how many people can come, we’ll take you all.

As our charter business is year round, we are presently nearing the end of the ski season with mining exploration camps.  The weather has been warm and the snow is disappearing. Thankfully the cold nights are keeping solid ice on the lakes for safe landings and servicing the last needs of the camps up north.  I’m now staring out at a heavy snowfall and white covered ground hoping for some clear skies to get up in  the air. But the snowfall is calming.

As my first post in 2010, I’ll wish you all a great day and I look forward to many updates in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Happy Holidays !

What a year it has been. Despite a rocky economy, we made it to Christmas just like everyone else 🙂 We tuly appreciate all our customers for 2009 and our loyal repeaters that made it a great year again.

The fishing was fantastic, the hunt was successful, the snow finally came and now we sadly say goodye to another year.  In the hopes to see you in 2010, we wish you a great holiday season. May you and your family be filled with laughs, health and blessings.

Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New Year!

Fantastic moose hunt….and still going strong

We find ourselves in the middle of the 2009 moose hunting season.  It has truly been a fantastic hunt with great success.  Here is a picture of our very first moose of the season.

First moose for Hearst Air's 2009 Season

First moose for Hearst Air's 2009 Season

With cool nights and crisp mornings, the rut is on full force. We look forward to seeing who will get up to 64″ this year.


We will keep you posted of course. HAPPY HUNTING!!!


What a beautiful morning! I’m sitting here enjoying the loons near the dock and anticipating a great day!

In honor of the sunshine, we’re offering a great deal.


Hillmer, McLeister, Sunshine, Wanzatika, Napken

Due to some last minute cancelations and changes in bookings, we have a few spots left for full 7 day trips or half weeks as well. Call in and we can discuss which location would be best for your group.

1-866-844-5700…talk to you soon!

Fly-in Fishing is Still Alive

It’s now the month of August and we find ourselves very busy with fishing trips, charters and canoe expeditions and looking where to get a new trolling motor battery.  We are so appreciative of all those who choose to visit our big backyard and allow Hearst Air to be part of their vacations.  In these tough economic times, it’s great to see that people are still into fishing and flying in to beautiful places.

The fisheries are truly confused this year with the weather the way it is.  We had a late, but great start to the walleye season….many said it was their best trip ever after flying in with us for 5-10 years now.  When the cold weather hit, the fishing was definitely not at it’s greatest but everyone still really enjoyed their time and had good fishing with the company they brought.  Many trophy pike were caught and I’m sure the fishing stories will live on forever.  Once our finned friends got used to the fact the cold and rain was sticking around, they got back to the business doing the thing they do best….giving people a trip of a lifetime. The walleye are biting viciously and the pike and big and abundant.  Again, we’ve heard some long time guests saying “It has to be the best week ever!”  It sure is great to hear when you know they have always had a great trip for so long.

So all in all, despite the rain, the wind and cold….the north is still proving itself to be a GREAT FLY-IN FISHING DESTINATION.

Spring has Sprung

Here we are, June 10th and finally seeing a little sunshine. I should be updating the site more often so I’ll really get on that one.  We’ve had a couple of weeks of fishing to enjoy and everyone has been very happy.  It definitely has been a slow start but the fish are biting and everyone is smiling.

Biggest pike caught so far? 47 inches and 33 inches for walleye. Both caught at Pym Island on the Attawapiskat river. Napken had a great start aswell with many large fish…and of course the biggest ones ended up a fishing story and never made it in the boat.

We’re extremely appreciative of the business we have this year. It’s a tough year for everyone and I’m glad to see that the yearly fishing trips are not being put aside. 

Take advantage of last minute specials and call in for a father /son trip, or maybe a family trip to create great memories with the kids, mom and why not the grandparents too!

As always, we’re here to help make your summer special, please call and we’ll HOOK you up!

Where is Spring??

Well it’s raining, snowing and there’s still ice on Carey Lake. Where is Spring? I sure hope you are all having better weather than us. 

We’re anxious, ready to go and really  looking forward to a great season.  Many of you have been with us before and we’ll have the pleasure of meeting new faces as well.  As always,  it will be a great time to have you all visiting our big backyard.

With spring comes new life and we’re waiting patiently to meet our newest addtion to the family this week. Mike’s wife Myriam is due any day now….another boy? a girl? we don’t know. Whatever comes will be welcomed with open arms and a fishing rod.