Creating Memories

It’s 7 AM, the planes are departing for their northern destinations filled with eager anglers and enough gear to supply a 2 week survival training course….even though they will only be fishing for 7 days. The scene puts a halt to my daily duties and I can’t help but sigh. It’s a beautiful day.

The groups flying in today are typical guests. One group from Ontario, one from Michigan….but they have one important thing in common. Both are made of friends and family who took the time out of very busy lives to greate memories in our big back yard. Another important fact? both have been coming with Hearst Air for over 10 years. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride to have been a part of their memories for that long. We’ve all become friends now, and we’ve scene the families grow.

Grandfathers with grandsons, fathers and sons, best friends, cousins….these are the people who create the best memories together. Remember catching your first fish? where were you? who was encouraging you to keep your rod up and reel ‘er in? You’ll never forget it and it’s so important to pass these stories along.

We would be proud to help you and yours make great memories as well…don’t hesitate to call and ask what type of trip we can offer you this summer.  Become a long time customer and a life long friend and create memories with Hearst Air that will follow you forever.


One of many

Happy Canada Day EH !

I hope you all find yourselves under the sunshine and enjoying your day.  The sky is blue, the fish are biting and everyone is smiling. Couldn’t ask for a better Canada Day!


First Pictures for the 2010 season

Thanks to some great customers and some amazing fishing, our 2010 fishing season opener was a success. Althought the weather was extremely hot and the bugs ferocious, these anglers witnessed phenominal fisheries that never  dissapoint.

Great catch at Wanzatika lake


What a weekend!  The fishing is great and the weather is amazing! We really shouldn’t be complaining, although some don’t know how to take this heat.  We had record temperatures and expecting more all week. 35-40 degrees Celsius…that translates into 85-90’s for all you “farenheit-ers”. It’s HOT!!! The black flies are out FULL FORCE…we’re hoping this hot weather will kill them off a little quicker than usual. Positive thinking on my part I guess.

I’ve had reports from the lakes and the fishing is great. We were wondering how the fish would be responding to such an early spring, but it seems they are doing just fine.  I wish I had a picture to post from the first week, but I don’t have any yet. I will definitely be posting as soon as I receive some from the first groups.

I hope this note finds you all in great spirits after a fantastic Memorial weekend.


New fees for fishing licences

Good day,

The sun is shining bright this morning, it’s looking like a great start to a great weekend! Last year, the Ministry of Natural Resources implemented a new licensing system. Non-residents and Canadians a like need outdoor cards for getting a new fishing licence. Most of you who have been to Canada within the last year, will have this already. Please remember to bring your outdoor card with you.

Here are the fees for the NON – RESIDENT licences this year. We also have resident licences available.

$9.00 outdoor card application (good for 3 years)

$44.50 – 8 day sport fishing licence

$25.75 – 8 day conservation licence

$69.50 – one year sport licence

$42.75 – one year conservation licence

SPORT allows you a regular limit (4 walleye and 6 pike)

CONSERVATION allows you a lessor limit (2 walleye and 2 pike)




A quick reminder

Good day .  Here’s a quick reminder of what you will need this year when you come for your trip.

outdoor card..we issued you an application for an outdoor card in 2009. You should have received the card in the mail and we need that card to issue your license this year. If you do not have it, we need to re-issue and charge an additional $9.00  OR you can apply for the duplicate at an MNR office. Quite a hassle really, so please bring your card with you. it is valid for 3 years.

Proof of boating license or certificate – every operator of a boat (even our little 12 footers) needs a proof of having successfully completed a boating safety course. It can be Canadian or American. If you do not have one, we will have a checklist here you can fill in sign and keep with you. You can also take the course online and print our the certificate for free.

passports for returning to USA – as of last year, you need your passports for returning to the US.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be glad to help out in getting ready for your trip.


First day of the 2010 fishing season!

Well I hope this weekend proves to be a great opener for all you fishermen out there.  We have a beautiful day here in Hearst to start things off.  I sure wish I was fishing too…I guess our turn will come later. 

CALL US TOLL FREE to help fill in some last minute cancellations. We would be glad to have you up in our big back yard. 1-866-844-5700 


News for Americans and Potatoes

You heard me! It seems our American guests can now cross the border with their own potatoes. It seems funny even talking about it but here’s the rule.

– 5 kg or 10 lbs per person allowed

– US N#1 grade potatoes

See you AND your potatoes soon! Fishing starts in 3 days!! YEAH!